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Quick Stats


Height: 5' 1 1""  |   Eyes: Blue   |   Hair: Red   |   Voice: Soprano/Mezzo  |  AEA



Off Broadway

A Little Princess |  Amelia Minchin (standby) | koa theatre company/signature theatre company


Regional & NYC

Boeing Boeing |   Berthe   |   Dir. Demetria Thomas  |   Hope Repertory Theatre

Tuck Everlasting |   Nana  |   Dir. Marcus D. johnson  |   Hope Repertory Theatre

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder |   Miss Shingle   |   Dir. Lenny Banovez  |   Hope Repertory Theatre


Venus in Fur  |   Vanda   |   Dir. David Christopher  |   Alliance Repertory Theatre (NJ and NYC Encore)

A Christmas Carol  |   Ghost of Christmas Present/Mrs Fezz.   |   Dir. Lenny Banovez  |   Titan Theater Company

The Importance of Being Earnest  |   Miss Prism    |   Dir. Terry Layman  |   Titan Theatre Company

Moonlight and Magnolias   |   Miss Poppenghul   |   Dir. Joel Froomkin  |   The New Huntington Theatre

The Sound of Music   |   Sister Berthe/Frau Schmidt   |   Dir. Joel Froomkin  |   The New Huntington Theatre

Tovarich   |   Louise (supporting)   |   Dir. Bonnie J Monte  |   Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

Romeo and Juliet   |   The Nurse   |  Dir. Bonnie J Monte  |   Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

The Comedy of Errors   |   Courtesan/Emilia   |   Dir. Brian B Crowe  |   Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

Twentieth Century   |   Lily Garland   |   Dir. Ed Healy  |   The Heights Players 

Henry V   |   Dauphin/Westmoreland   |   Dir. Reesa Graham  |  Manhattan Shakespeare Project

Twelfth Night   |   Maria   |   Beautiful Soup Theatre Collective

Amadeus   |   Katherina Cavalieri   |   Dir. Robert Brock  |   Kentucky Repertory Theatre

Cash on Delivery   |   Brenda Dixon   |   Dir. Robert Brock  |   Kentucky Repertory Theatre

The Hollow   |   Veronica Craye   |   Dir. Robert Brock  |   Kentucky Repertory Theatre

King Lear  |   Various   |   Dir. Robert Brock  |   Kentucky Repertory Theatre

Full credits available upon request



Washington Irving...   |   Irving's Niece   |  Supporting  |   Westchester Arts Productions

The Girl Is In Trouble  |   Hipster   |   Supporting  |   Julius Onah, NYU Thesis (Spike Lee, Exec. Prod)




Netflix   |   Popcorn Factory |   NJ Lottery​

Conflicts available upon request



                                    On Camera Acting     The Freeman Studio, Jessica Cummings​ | Welker White | Damian Young

                                                                Tim Phillips Studio, Tim Phillips

                                                                T. Schreiber Studio, Peter Miner

                                    Improv                    The Magnet Theatre

                                    Monologues             Karen Kohlhaas, Atlantic Theatre Company

                                                                 Paul Fouquet,  Elissa Myers Casting

                                    Commercial              Doriane Elliott   |  Scott Wojcik  |  David Cady

                                    Voice Over               Anna Garduno |  Anne ganguzza |  Doriane Elliott   |  Roger Becker 


                                    Shakespeare            Bonnie J. Monte    |  Brian Crowe  |   Di Trevis (RSC, Royal National)

                                    Musical Theatre        Bachelor of Arts   |  Ouachita University

Special Skills


Soprano/Mezzo, legit and mix-belt

Instrumental: Basic piano, handbells

Stage Combat: Intermediate Unarmed, Rapier, Broadsword, Quarterstaff, basic boxing

Dance: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Basic ballroom

Dialects: British RP, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, French, Italian, German, Russian,

various USA (Texas, Southern, New York, Minnesota)

Valid Passport and Drivers License

Professional Voice Over Artist 

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