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Christy Richardson

Actor | singer

Creative | Witty | Grounded

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Creativity is intelligence having fun.
-Albert Einstein 


Christy is a busy Actor and Singer in the Atlanta area with a long history of performing.

Through classical stage training, Christy discovered both her power and her comedy and now embraces both on stage and screen.

However, comedy is her true love. From over-the-top farce to deadpan witticisms, Christy's timing is flawless. She has played histrionic divas, sarcastic "frenemies," and frazzled moms, 

all with fearless precision. 

Her innate power and intelligence are riveting

-- whether she's playing a high-powered CEO

or a sASSY dominatrix. 

After 13 years in the NYC market, Christy made the move to the atlanta area, where she lives with her husband and baby girl.




Don't be delicate, be vast and brilliant.


Christina Hendricks meets Allison Janney...


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